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PNN Exploration Development Incentive Scheme Record Date

5 Feb 2016

PNN Exploration Development Incentive Scheme Record Date 4 Feb 16  ...

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PNN Exploration Development Incentive Scheme

5 Feb 2016

PNN Exploration Development Incentive Scheme 4 Feb 16  ...

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Extension to 16 November for Share Purchase Plan

5 Nov 2015

An extension has been announced to the current Share Purchase Plan(SPP)  for a further  7 days to Monday 16 November 2015.  New shares purchased under the plan would be able to be traded on 23 November 2015. PepinNini SPP Extension...

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BRR Webcast: PepinNini Inaugural Share Purchase Plan

2 Nov 2015

Managing Director BRR interview live at 10am ESDT Monday 2 November 2015 – PepinNini Share Purchase Plan and Mt Woods Farm-in Agreement with OZ Minerals  South Australia PNN ASX BRR SPP 2 Nov 15...

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PepinNini Share Purchase Plan

22 Oct 2015

PepinNini Share Purchase Plan(SPP) information brochure with timetable and details on how to apply are provided in from this website link and  will be mailed to all eligible PepinNini Shareholders on 22 October 2015. PNN SPP offer – Final ASX...

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Entitlements Issue Shortfall

23 May 2014

If you wish to apply for shortfall you must complete an application form attached to, or accompanied by, a copy of the Prospectus.  You should consider the Prospectus in deciding whether to apply for new shares. Entitlements Issue Prospectus and Shortfall Application...

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Entitlements Issue Extended to 22 May 14

19 May 2014

Entitlement Issue Extension Announcement...

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Entitlements Issue 24 April 2014 Prospectus

19 May 2014

Entitlements Issue Prospectus 24 April 2014...

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Entitlement Issue Closes – Shortfall available for application

23 Jul 2013

Non-Renounceable Entitlement Issue of Options offered pursuant to the Prospectus lodged with ASIC on 24 June 2013 has closed. The shortfall will be dealt with in accordance with sections 2.3 and 2.4 of the Prospectus.  Any shareholder wishing to apply for additional options in accordance with sect...

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Announcement of Entitlements Issue of Options

24 Jun 2013

PepinNini Minerals Limited  is pleased to announce it will be inviting all eligible shareholders to participate in a pro-rata non-renounceable entitlement issue of New Options to raise up to $767,853 through an offer of up to a maximum of 76,785,329 New Options and up to $3,839,266 following exerci...

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