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Curnamona Province Project


The Curnamona Province of South Australia is highly regarded for its exploration potential for Broken Hill style mineralisation as well as strata bound sediment hosted Mt Isa and Century style mineralisation. The potential for copper and gold mineralisation of the iron oxide copper gold (IOCG) type has been highlighted by the discovery of prospects such as Portia, Shylock, Kalkaroo and White Dam. PepinNini Minerals currently hold a 40% interest in five granted tenements EL 4239 Kalabity, EL 4375 Bimbowrie, EL 4749 Outalpa and EL 4784 Scott Hill and EL 4965 Mt Victor located within the Province. The tenements cover approximately 3,778 sq. kms and contain numerous prospects that warrant further investigation to explore the potential for economic mineralisation.

The Sinosteel PepinNini Joint Venture has prioritized the investigation of recently identified iron ore potential of the tenements. Recent publicity surrounding the magnetite iron content of the Braemar Iron Formation (BIFm) has resulted in a marked increase of iron exploration within the Adelaidean sequences in the Nackara Arc and along the southern boundary of the Curnamona Province. Promising iron grades, low impurities and potentially large tonnages make the BIFm an exciting target for magnetite iron deposits. Very encouraging positive exploration drilling and metallurgical results have recently been announced by other explorers in the area.

Three priority target areas have been identified within the Joint Venture tenements and have been designated as the Mt Victor Iron Ore Prospect (EL4965 Mt Victor); the Macdonald Corridor Iron Ore Prospect (EL4375 Bimbowrie); and the Outalpa Iron Ore Prospect (EL4749 Outalpa & EL4965 Mt Victor). Each of the prospects identified have the potential to host a very large magnetite iron ore resource which could be beneficiated to a high grade blast furnace feed product at a very competitive cost relative to other magnetite prospects currently under development consideration elsewhere in Australia.

The area is favourably located with regard to current infrastructure being between the towns of Broken Hill and Peterborough and 20kms to 40kms from the heavy duty trans-Australian railway and adjacent sealed Barrier Highway.

Results from a preliminary drilling program of 10 RC boreholes at the Macdonald Corridor Prospect confirm the potential for a very large magnetite iron ore resource which could be beneficiated to a high grade blast furnace feed product.  DTR results produced a sample concentrate with low impurities (SiO2 < 5%), relatively high mass recovery (average 20%) and high Fe content (average 68% Fe).

Potential exploration targets include:

  • Epigenetic iron oxide copper-gold (IOCG) mineralisation similar in style to the replacement (Starra, Osborne) and breccia (Ernest Henry) deposits of the Mt Isa Eastern Fold Belt. These can occur as both strata bound replacements of iron rich beds or as structurally focused iron-rich alteration/breccia systems in the contact aureoles of certain granites.
  • Large disseminated/strata bound copper and/or gold deposits.
  • Supergene (enriched) copper-gold mineralisation in areas of deep weathering over large areas of low-grade sulphide copper-gold mineralised basement. Including high grade elluvial gold (Portia).
  • Broken Hill type silver-lead-zinc deposits.
  • Strata bound/sediment-hosted base metal mineralisation (similar to Mt. Isa and Century Zinc (Ag-Pb) deposits in the Mt. Isa Inlier) within the moderate-low grade metamorphic rocks in the upper parts of the Olary Block stratigraphy.
  • Hardrock pegmatite granite hosted uranium, Tertiary roll-front uranium.
  • Manganese.
  • Magnetite.

EL 4239 Kalabity is prospective for gold, copper, lead and zinc and includes the Birthday Well, Waukaloo, Johnaroo, Burdens Dam, Nancatee, Mt Howden, Telechie, Dome Rock, Koolka, Kaloola, Billeroo, and Wiperaminga prospects. Encouraging drill intersection by previous explorers include borehole DDW8 10m @ 2.07g/tAu, 0.74%Cu, borehole KD12 5.6m @ 8.5%Cu and borehole KY 1706 32m @ 0.66%Zn.

Copper, uranium and iron deposits have been identified at Billeroo in the west of the licence area.

Within EL 4375 Bimbowrie the focus is on IOCG targets, stratiform Pb-Zn and Uranium prospectivity. Thirteen priority base metal targets have been identified for further investigation.

The Crocker Well Uranium Field and Mt Victoria Uranium Deposit are located in the west of EL 4375 and more than 25 additional uranium prospects have been identified within the PepinNini tenements.

EL 4749 Outalpa has previously identified copper, silver and uranium prospects and is considered prospective for both hardrock pegmatite style and Tertiary palaeochannel style uranium deposits. Five priority base metal targets have been identified for further investigation.

EL 4784 Scott Hill has previously identified copper, gold, cobalt and silver, lead, zinc prospects and includes the Barratta silver lead field and Eukaby silver lead zinc mines.

EL 4965 Mt Victor is located on the periphery of the Curnamona Province and overlaps into the Adelaide Geosyncline. Gold, copper, lead, silver and bismuth prospects have been identified within the area and include the historic mines of Monte Christo, Maynards, Aurifera, Cosmopolitan, Evening Star and Morning Star. The area is considered prospective for Tertiary, palaeochannel style uranium deposits and Braemar Iron Formation magnetite.