About Us

PepinNini is an Australian, ASX listed, exploration company with the following primary objectives:

  • Reward investors by discovering and developing major new Australian mineral deposits
  • Conduct exploration and corporate activities in a responsible and professional manner in accordance with Industry Standards whilst observing statutory requirements
  • Define and quantify, according to Industry Standards, the considerable mineralisation potential already recognised in the exploration tenements held by the Company
  • Establish equitable and respectful relationships with the traditional owners of tenement areas held by the Company.

The Company was incorporated in August, 2002 and has acquired a highly prospective exploration portfolio focused on the Musgrave  Province of South and Western Australia, the Georgeown Inlier/Woolgar Goldfield in North Queensland and the Robinson Range area in the Midwest of Western Australia. Recently the Company has established a presence in Argentina with its first tenement being granted in April, 2011. In Australia it currently holds an interest in 24 tenements covering approximately 11,450 square kilometers with potential for the rapid discovery and exploitation of a major new Australian mineral deposit. A high degree of technical expertise and management skills has been secured in the Directors and management of the Company and contracted consultants.

The Company was admitted to the official list of the Australian Stock Exchange on 15 April, 2005.