Norman Kennedy founded the PepinNini Mining Company Pty Ltd in 2002 with his wife Rebecca Holland-Kennedy. In 2005 PepinNini Minerals Ltd was floated on ASX as PNN.

Through smart, strategic acquisitions and even smarter strategic partnerships Norm steered PNN from a share price of 20c to a share price of $3.00 and a 5c dividend to investors. The Company had projects in Queensland  for gold and uranium, in South Australia for copper, nickel, uranium, PGE and base metals, in Western Australia for iron ore. In 2008 Norman initiated PepinNini drilling services  and in 2010 the Company founded a subsidiary in Argentina which today holds lithium carbonate resources of  239,000 tonnes. Norm felt it was important to participate and contribute to the Community and in 2013 the Company won the Premier’s Award for Community Participation.